Update on Harvey & local EIMC operations

As everyone is aware, Harvey went from becoming a tropical depression with 35pmh winds at 10am Wednesday, August 23 to making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane at 10pm Friday, August 25th, a mere 60 hours later.

Now Harvey is lingering and meandering over a large swath of Texas, inundating the area with rain (24″ in 24 hours).  New rainfall predictions indicate some areas could see up to 50″ (127cm) of total rainfall.

All Port of Houston facilities are closed and will be closed tomorrow. Both Houston area airports are closed.

The rain is expected to affect Louisiana (southwest and north) and possibly New Orleans over the course of the coming days.

We are happy to report that all EIMC Houston staff are safe and sound thus far though some have already experienced flooding at home.  We are keeping them in our thoughts that they may continue to remain safe.

As our Team Houston grapples with the situation on the ground, we have a full support team in place to assist – please address all inquiries and new assignments to eimc@eimc.com during this time in which local communication capabilities might be disrupted or limited.