Cargo Claims


Professional teams of adjusters and surveyors form the core of EIMC. As central coordinators and advisors to underwriters, brokers, shippers, importers and consignees, they ensure that each claim is processed expeditiously. Our teams offer personal, individualized attention to each claimant’s needs. They act as personal advisors, discussing losses in detail to determine the seriousness, magnitude and urgency of each assignment.

We can arrange for inspection usually within 24 hours providing instant feedback. When acting as Settling Agents our teams can facilitate timely claims settlement allowing underwriters to offer faster claims processing service. Due to changes in today’s marine insurance industry, underwriters often find it profitable and efficient to outsource their claims management to EIMC.

Our experience in a wide range of industrial cargoes includes chemicals, steel paper products, wood products, industrial equipment machinery, consumer goods, as well as commodities, such as coffee, cocoa and fresh fruit. EIMC also investigates property losses, thefts, robberies, “mysterious disappearances” and suspected insurance fraud.