EIMC offers specialized professional consulting to the marine insurance community and related industries. We supply the full spectrum of services from risk management through claims investigation to subrogation. Our mission is to provide our clients peace of mind by consistently delivering high-quality, impartial, timely and cost-effective results. Integrity, openness and communication form the basis of our relationships with our employees, partners and clients. They are our greatest assets. We value their trust above all.

Project Cargo

EIMC provides project cargo and heavy lift risk management services worldwide. We have a dedicated project cargo management team, who evaluate projects and coordinate local surveys/interventions wherever and whenever the project risks dictate.

Our clients include major manufacturers in the energy sector, as well as underwriters and freight forwarders. Our services help our clients and their underwriters to avoid losses to cargo and costly delays in project completion.

Service areas:

  • Analysis & Identification of Critical Cargo Transfer Points
  • Route and Terminal Suitability Review
  • Transport Mode Suitability (Vessel, Barge, Rail, Truck, Aircraft)
  • Pre-transport packaging evaluations Lifting Equipment and Procedure Review
  • Stowage and Securement Supervision


Cargo Risk Management

  • Pre-risk warehouse and site surveys
  • Supply / Transport Chain Analysis
  • Packing Design & SuitabilityConsultation
  • Loading, Stowage & Securing surveys
  • Discharge Surveys
  • Staff Education & Training



  • EIMC helps cargo owners mitigate losses by organizing salvage sale of damaged goods.
  • We have an extensive database of general and specialized buyers around the world of secondary market goods.



EIMC adjusters act as case coordinators, managing each phase of the claim process to completion. We make prompt contact with all parties involved, protect recovery rights through joint survey invitations and advise claimants on proper loss notices to third parties. Detailed assignment instructions are given to field surveyors and other experts. We negotiate and actively consult on loss mitigation and final disposition. Relevant documents are collected; and the claim/loss extent is carefully reviewed and analyzed. When acting as TPA or settling agent, we ensure that policy terms are accurately interpreted and that claim calculations are correct based on policy clauses.

Professional claim adjusting services across all marine lines
Settling agent and TPA capability
Prompt, professional, impartial, expert service
Customized account solutions, not “one size fits all”


Hull & Machinery

EIMC provides expert technical assistance on blue and brown water commercial hull & machinery claims and loss control. We also perform claims surveys and investigations on yachts and other recreational watercraft.

• Vessel condition surveys
• On hire / off hire surveys
• Claims investigations
• Damage inspections
• Repair supervision
• Expert consulting on collisions, groundings, stranding, and salvage


Surveys & Claims Investigations

  • Experience working with virtually all cargoes including commodities, perishables, frozen and refrigerated cargo, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, electronics, industrial equipment, machinery, consumer goods, steel and other metals.
  • Investigations of cargo losses under stock throughput policies, thefts, robberies, “mysterious disappearance” and suspected insurance fraud.
  • Inspection conducted within 24 hours when feasible with preliminary reports issued within 48 hours.


Fine Arts & Specie

An art object is both an irreplaceable original and a valuable commodity. These distinct characteristics demand special insight and sensitivity when a loss occurs.

  • Transit claims of all types
  • Condition assessment
  • Packaging consultation
  • Robbery & Theft investigation
  • Insurance fraud investigation


Recoveries / Subrogation

All recovery cases are handled on a “no cure-no pay” basis plus expenses. EIMC maintains solid working relationships with P+I clubs and carrier claim departments. We are able to resolve the majority of cases without attorney involvement. Our relationships with leading maritime law firms guarantee fast and cost effective legal proceedings if required.

  • Experienced recovery specialists
  • Comprehensive knowledge of domestic & international transportation laws
  • Contingency fee basis