EIMC participates in Port of NY & NJ first ever Career Awareness & Job Expo

From the Council on Port Performance:

“On Wednesday, April 18th, through the efforts of the WDIT’s Marketing Subcommittee, the Port of NY & NJ was host to 550 high school juniors and seniors and approximately 200 registered job seekers for the first ever Career Awareness & Job Expo. Over 50 companies and maritime college-level institutions shared their career journeys and spoke about jobs, training, and skill sets needed to keep transportation, logistics, and distribution robust and thriving. A key event goal was to promote the supply chain and logistics industry and help ensure that a new generation of workers has the interest and skills needed to meet future industry needs.  The feedback we received from our host communities, participating high schools, job seekers, educators, and potential employers has all been extremely positive. Phrases such as ‘a home run,’ ‘fabulous,’ ‘I can’t believe this is in my backyard,’ and ‘incredibly inspiring for our youth’ were just some of the remarks shared.”

The WDIT (Workforce Development Initiative Team) is part of the Port Authority’s Council on Port Performance (CPP).   The CPP recognized the need to develop a pipeline for future workforce needs in and around the port.  The various WDIT committees are dedicated to engaging and connecting leaders in government, education and business in these efforts.  EIMC’s President, Tiina Ruhlandt, serves on the Marketing Subcommittee.